Federico Fellini is the cinema author on whom it has been  written more.


Between 2002 and 2004 the Foundation has realized the biblioFellini, a collection in three volumes of the bibliographical indications of all world publications on the director. This section of the site represents the ideal updating of that job. It is possible to consult directly in our center the greatest part of the suitable titles.


  • a cura di Auguste Amédée De Saint-Gall


    Diogenes, Zürich, 1976
    171 pp., ill.

    Contiene fotografie di Pierluigi e Franco Pinna, un ritratto di Stefan Zweig e un’analisi critica di Gianfranco Angelucci.

    [ ger ]
    [ Not avaiable ]
  • Liliana Betti

    Fellini: Ein Porträt

    Diogenes, Zürich, 1976
    302 pp., ill.
    [ ted ]
    [ Not avaiable ]
  • Ansgar Zelfel

    Federico Fellini: e Dokumentation

    Filmforum d. Volkshochschule, Düsseldorf, 1974
    83 pp.
    [ ted ]
    [ Not avaiable ]
  • Federico Fellini

    Die Reise des G. Mastorna: Treatment und Drehbuch

    Diogenes, Zürich, 1995
    271 [1] pp.

    Trattamento e sceneggiatura in collaborazione con Dino Buzzati e Brunello Rondi. Con una postfazione di Tullio Kezich, tradotta da Sylvia Höfer.

    [ ted ]
    [ Not avaiable ]
  • Fellini

    Les cahiers PTB, Bruxelles, 1962
    [ fra ]
    [ Not avaiable ]
  • Boyer Deena

    Die 200 Tage von 8 1/2: oder wie ein Film von Federico Fellini entsteht

    Reinbeck bei Hamburg, Rowohlt, 1963
    155 pp., ill.
    [ ger ]
    [ Not avaiable ]
  • Mario Crò, Stelio Crò

    La temàtica de Fellini y la poética de Ocho y medio

    Editorial de Cultura Moderna, Mar de la Plata, 1963
    70 pp., ill.
    [ spa ]
    [ Not avaiable ]
  • Toby Goldberg

    Federico Fellini: A Poet of Reality

    Broadcasting and Film Division, Boston University, Boston, 1965
    115 pp.
    [ ing ]
    [ Not avaiable ]
  • Matjaž Klopčič

    Federico Fellini: Osem in pol

    Prosvetni servis, Ljubljana, 1965
    28 pp., ill.
    [ jug ]
    [ Not avaiable ]
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