• Updates about the Fellini Foundation and the events.

  • "Fellini Amarcord" has been for nine years the official publication of the Foundation and the jewel in the crown of its publishing activity.

  • The Filmography of Fellini as director is composed of 24 titles (included those ones co-directed as Luci del Varietà or the episodes of the collective films as Agenzia Matrimoniale or  Le tentazioni del dottor Antonio and Toby Dammit) shot among 1950 and 1990.

  • Fellini Foundation is the main cultural promoter of Federico Fellini production.

  • Federico Fellini was born in Rimini on 20 January 1920, son of Ida Barbiani, of Roman origin, and Urbano, a travelling salesman, originally of Gambettola. Whilst still in high school, the future director started making a name for himself as a caricaturist: to promote films, the manager of the Fulgor cinema, hired him to draw portraits of the stars. From the beginning of 1938 he started collaborating with “Domenica del Corriere”, which published several of his cartoons, and with the weekly comic publication from Florence “420”.

  • Why I draw the characters of my films? Why do I take graphic notes of their faces, of the noses, of the moustaches, of the ties, of the bags, of the way to cross the legs, of those people that come to visit me in the office?


    The Film Library of the Municipality of Rimini continues the activities of the Fellini Foundation, created in 1995 upon the will of Maddalena Fellini, the director's sister.

  • Fellini has lived in Rimini from his birth , January 1920, until he moved to Rome January 1939.

  • Federico Fellini is the cinema author on whom it has been  written more.